Tipica, Indigo on White field SJ218-05/’13


Product Description

The word ‘Tipica’ is used for popular art in weavings celebrating annual crop harvest events. Dancing men in their hats and women with  rows of squash blossoms on their vines top and bottom suggest another harvest festival celebration. Squash is normally an underplanting in corn fields.

A  diamond in center encloses a sacred Quetzal bird. This geometry is also a reference to the Cofradia, an honored group of usually very elder men in a Maya community who serve as church officials as well as to provide senior wisdom in delicate community affairs.

Indigo on a white field.  Size Matrimonial, 80-90″, weight 3 kilos., 99.9% wool with a cotton warp for internal tensile strength of the weaving.

When indigo is available, these greatly loved blue and white wool pieces are classics and almost always appear in the marketplace. We can’t help being reminded of Delft ceramics. The color choice by our Maya weavers come more from their own tradition of universal color sense.



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