Tipica, Indigo and red on White, Matrimonial SJ221


Product Description

A large size Matrimonial blanket with six rows of dancing women in red stockings and faces around a central diamond holding two sacred Quetzal birds, indigo on a white field.  A weaver’s choice leaning toward an emphasis on formal decoration. A continuous border in blue volcanos that surround highland Maya existence. Very common to see in formal compositions. This large matrimonial blanket uses splashes of red, even on the bird’s breasts. A surprise find, possibly a custom order that was never collected. The warp and weft full wool thread results in a heavy piece, 4-5 Kilos, 100% wool thread, warp and weft. The generous thickness would be more than adequate for warmth on a cold winter night. Combed. Cochineal and indigo on a white ‘field’ suggesting matrimony and/or marriage anniversary. A beauty.


Additional Information

Dimensions 80 x 90 cm


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