Roosters Dancing, Matrimonial blanket SJ196-05/13


Product Description

In this blanket for a double bed or ‘Matrimonial”,  roosters dance along with dancing men, a traditional  ‘tipica’ blanket in this case. Black wool, then an orange tint taken from the inside of bark of a local tree.  A border of squash flowers on their vine. The colors suggest  this is would be a gift to a boy or young man. Combed for softness, large and warm. 2.5 kilos, 100% wool warp and weft. Colors a natural black fiber, then white fibers tinted orange from the inner side of bark from a local tree.  When weaving colors are orange & black, or red and black, the pieces are considered boy’s blankets, an honor to receive one from a grandmother. For warmth, lanolin remains conserved in the fibers, 100% wool.


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