Tipica, ducks and arrow plumes SJ-BM-193-05/13


Product Description

This type of ‘Tipica’ seasonal event design found in a blanket are in thin thread and usually not “combed”, fluffed up. Such a blanket appears to be slightly lighter in weight and authentic, used for wearing on cold morning walks to a market, not bed-clothing. Combing for artificial softness is done for a middle class market in the capital, not for a weaver’s family. Aesthetically, one sees figures and elements of a design more clearly in an uncombed condition. Any weaving in wool naturally endures longer if its not stressed, combed, etc. Picasso was collecting them.

Here in this blanket, horizontal bands in indigo, gray, Cochineal red  on a white field along with alternate rows of ducks and arrow (???) plumes or odd parallel lines. No border.  Water foul were never hunted or shot with arrows by the Maya. We not sure what the plume-like parallel lines might refer to. Ducks are standard poultry raised at home with the chickens since antiquity, waiting to end up in a nice ‘caldo’, a rich soup with collards, carrots and onion, then rich regional  native herbs and vegetable leaves.  99.9% wool, cotton warp.


Additional Information

Dimensions 80 x 90 cm


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