Team Barcelona ‘Futbol’ blanket and salute to a star player. SJLLcostal C


Barcelona blanket #10 Messi

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Soccer in Spain approaches becoming an  official religion. In Barcelona an undercurrent of regional autonomy and a distinct   history  fuels near fanatacism for Its own team, its stars by their devoted fans who live and breath their devotion to their city through this sport. For the Barcelona Catalan the world turns off its axis when Leonel Messi makes or misses a goal.  Team Barcelona also has an undercurrent of passions because of the city’s history of being an on and off independent sovereign state with periods of free use of its own language, Catalan.  Horizontal bands of red and indigo with yellow numerals in the center are a not-so-subtle salute to  Messi, 99.9% wool, cotton warp. There is a strong following of team Barcelona in the American hemisphere.



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