Small Ceremonial Prayer Shawl ‘por costura’ brown, wheat, pale pumpkin…v natural


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A second of three in our collections, a small throw joined in the middle with cinching, made to wear mostly in ceremony, of thin wool thread not seen any more. This shawl in soft natural brown, wheat and pale yellow-orange colors is an exact reproduction of an antique last known to have been used in the early 1900′s. We don’t know if the name of such a niche, if there is a name at all. It is made to be worn by shamen and honored elders, held in place by a cross-body bag that would hold incense and any other accessories used for performing religious ceremonies connected to the cosmology of Maya belief systems. Woven of very thin wool thread on a small loom, the blanket is made by two lengths from the same loom back to back and cinched together through or down the center by a separate thread that serves to square off the finished piece.  All natural colors of wool, natural dyes. We have one weaver near 100 years old who is able to weave ten of these in one year.  Black, grey and orange on a cream field.  The colored bands are in a weft-faced position of weaving method not normally seen in wool weavings from this region.  100% wool.



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Dimensions 60 x 70 cm


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