Serape for Adult, style “Mexicano”


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Serapes hand from shoulders, allow a horseman to hold reins with both hands, and to still remain warm without getting in his way.  Now, you still have your hands free on a chilly day in Spring or Fall. TV cameras at public demos seek out unusual garb.  You will remain warm with an original weaving made by hand that contains all original lanolin in its wool fibers.  Designs vary, are cochineal red, tan and greys on a blue field, mostly dyes from local natural sources., symbols of rays, plumes are among the horizontal weft lines.  Usually there will be a cotton warp for strength and lightness of garment piece.  Remaining wool weft composes over 99% pure wool with an invisible cotton warp. Hoods can be used when needed.  Rain will fall away, as it would if you were the original sheep.


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