Rabbits and Deer, Matrimonial black & white SJLLcostalF, $325 inc ship


black and white Rabbits and Deer, 325 costalF

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This design refers directly to a fable for Maya children which explains how the deer stole their antlers from the rabbits.  The core of the story teaches children with few defenses to use their heads to out-wit their adversaries as does the rabbit, instead of physical force.  One woman in the weaving community is in charge of Rabbits & Deer. A healthy sign, we notice the design theme is being imitated and modified to fit into the category of what we know as “Tipicas”.  ,,,,,traditional symbols in a casual arrangement until a weaving is full of color. Surprises like this are what invigorate wool weaving regionally.  Rabbits and Deer with a center diamond which has a spiritual significance, volcanos and squash, black on a  white field.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 80 x 90 cm


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