Olmec geometry on White SJLL costal.F 3kg, 250/incl shipping


Product Description

This is a  design in wool weaving that first appeared in the late 1800′s. Easy to insert geometry into the warp face, it is a  weaving style with no known provenance that has never disappeared, does not resemble traditional ethnic weaving patterns, maybe imitated from saddle blankets seen on Mexican trader’s mules.  Handsome on its own sake, it remains part of favorite valley weaving patterns that are not allowed to drift away from the urban market in Guatemala. An Olmec frieze at Chichen Itza contains some of these forms.  We wonder if it was ordered by an archeologist and became a market favorite in that way. When weavers have yarn batches left over from other work, those will end up in a blanket such as this one. Size: Matrimonial  3kg



San-Juan-Washing-May-2013-1881  San-Juan-Washing-May-2013-189


Additional Information

Dimensions 75 x 86 cm


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