Harvest festival, a ‘Tipica’ (item not available)


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The word ‘Tipica’ in the mountain highlands refers to a traditional domestic arrangement of design form in natural colors, usually not an overly heavy blanket, and representing calendar events or fables.  In this case, a harvest festival with rows of squashes and dancing women, then horizontal bands of natural tints in red, black, indigo, green on a white field.  Very similar merry layouts were collected by writers and artists in Europe in the 1930′s via Aldous Huxley, have never fallen out of popularity.  Their design format are random, elements follow the weft line, sometimes contain volcanos and the sacred Quetzal bird, other animals, vegetables, dancing men, women and animals.  Some blanket figures turned  up in paintings of Picasso that appeared In an exhibit in Vienna a few years ago.



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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 60 x 80 cm


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