Deer and Rabbits SJ224-03/13BG


Product Description

This somewhat traditional blanket has alternate rows of rabbits and deer on and off bands of Cochineal Red and white. Cochineal comes from a parasitic insect living in Nopal cactus trees. A fable with a lesson for timid children: Outsmart your adversaries with your brains, as defenseless rabbits do….not with violence. The narrative in the design refers to a children’s fable of how the Deer stole their antlers from the Rabbits.

Other interesting and witty fables remain to be translated….further evidence the Maya used magical realism and  a sense of humor mixed with common sense. Here, the central diamond shape is a reference to Maya shamanism and deference to authority of Maya elders. Borders on all four sides represent volcanos, a refererence to location. Then a Cosmovision practiced at sacred ‘windows’ into seven layers of the underworld by Maya shamen.   99.9% wool with cotton warp.  2 kilos , 68X80″





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