Ceremonial shawl with Jaspe, SJ costalDD


Ceremonial shawl por costure, Jaspe in red and white….both sides.

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This shawl is one of three editions that resemble each other in size, assembly, age of design  last seen 80-100 years, most disappeared in the early 20′th century. This variation has Jaspe on a white field in a weft-faced weave pattern, a technique now nearly lost, and recently revived. Wool thread count 23/” unusually thin compared to modern wool weaving, black, grey and mauve jaspe on a white field.  65″X 70″.  Two runs from the same loom, one reversed, then cinched together with yarn by hand to compose a wider “wrap” held down by a cross-body bag containing supplies for ceremonial shamen and high officials from the Cofradia, performing their ceremony over sacred ground in the cold of early morning or night in their mountain highlands. Thin thread used here as it was 100 years ago is labor intensive, no longer seen in modern wool weavings. Thinner thread requires more time to weave, and is ordered especially for these pieces.



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