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solid blue throw

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Indigo returns to the Maya tint inventory after being driven from supply markets by German anoline dyes in the 1850′s. Now, Indigo is again commercial crop in El Salvador and Mexico, available anew in Guatemala and at prices weavers can afford. Not pictorial or part of what we know is Maya cultural expression, this pretty solid color throw is beautiful in its own right, one example of new design and new choices in the national market, then outside. This celeste number might have been a custom order from the capitol that took off in popularity. The white fringes at head and foot are warp ends.  Easy on the eye, this throw is 100% wool, wool warp and weft.  Combed (fluffed) for softness.  All of our blankets are made from scratch at home by Maya indigenous weavers. They are in the linguistic group Quiche, highland Guatemala.  Lanolin in the original fibers is conserved for obvious practical reasons, if you’re cold at a football game or if you could use a quick raincoat. Lanolin holds body heat and repels water as it would have for the original sheep.

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Dimensions 60 x 80 cm


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